World's tallest log cabin (Arkhangelsk/ Russia)

The world's tallest log cabin used to dominate the skyline of Arkhangelsk, a city in Russia's far north-west, but in 2012 it burnt to the ground in a big blaze.

Built by Nikolai Sutyaginit - an eccentric former gangster- it measured 144ft in total, about half the size of Big Ben, but was so unstable it moved in the wind.
The 13-storey structure started out as a modest two-floor chalet but Nikolai became obsessed with topping his neighbours' homes and continued adding storey after storey. He also loved the views from the top and likened them to a pilot's.

It burned when a fire in the five-storey bathhouse in the garden spread to the main building, quickly engulfing it.

Here's a little video about it:


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