9 h Capsule Hotel (Kyoto/ Japan)

9h (nine hours) is one of Japan's newest Capsule Hotels and offers a "luxury" capsule experience. It features 125 modern capsules spread over 9 storeys, separate male and female quarters, designer locker rooms, showers and a lounge. The hotel also offers guests a 9h amenity kit, including: bottled water, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, slippers and optional lounge wear. The capsules feature a alarm clock system with controlled lighting, and curved mattresses and pillows made to ensure a natural posture while you sleep.

Originally invented for businessmen who missed their last train home, this is a concept for guests who primarily want to sleep and nothing else: 1 hour shower, sleep for 7 hours, have a one hour break / total 9h although you can also stay for longer.

And here's a video:

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