Goats on the Roof (Tiger/ Georgia US)

"Goats on the Roof" is a country souvenir/grocery store with actual goats living on the roof. (as well as a huge bunny and a rooster) You can fill a can with goat food and use a bicycle assembly to hoist the food up to the waiting goats.
Inside the store you'll find a selection of Amish furniture and foods.

The bicycle lift that brings the food up to...

...the greedy goats!

Thanks for the suggestion reader KTBurn!

Goats on the Roof Website: Link


  1. Picture of the bunny? So cool!

    1. These aren't my pictures, someone just mentioned in a review that they have a bunny too :)

  2. That's really an interesting idea, I have never seen thing like this. Hope you had fun there)
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