Jayne Mansfield's Pink Palace (L.A./ California)

In November 1957 Jayne bought a 40-room Mediterranean-style mansion and had it painted pink, with cupids surrounded by pink fluorescent lights, pink furs in the bathrooms, a pink heart-shaped bathtub, and a fountain spurting pink champagne. Her husband built a heart-shaped swimming pool. After 1967 other owners included: Rita Greenland, Ringo Starr, Mamma Cass Elliot, and Engelbert Humperdink. The house was then sold to developers and demolished in 2002.

A finishing touch at the bottom of the pool saying "I love you Jaynie" in gold leaf mosaic.


  1. Fur bathrooms! That must get gross.

    I love it!

    1. That was my first thought too. Still amazing though. Too bad it was torn down.

  2. So cool! It's like a life-sized Barbie Dream House! What a shame it got demolished so we can't tour this palace of pink.

  3. I loved seeing these photos, every one of them a tiny bubble of time captured. I can't bear that this house is gone and is a car park now :( Thank you for sharing, hugs x


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