Al Struckus House (L.A./ California)

Perched atop a steep hill, the Al Struckus House looks over the San Fernando Valley.
Renowned Modern architect Bruce Goff designed the house for engineer, woodworker, and art collector Al Struckus, but sadly Goff died just a few months after construction began in spring 1982 so Bart Prince oversaw the completion of the design.

It has a four-story-high central cylinder surrounded by five smaller connected cylinders clad in natural redwood, glass tiles, and undulating stucco.
The house embodies Goff’s philosophy of organic architecture, stating that each design should be as unique as its owner, reflecting and enhancing their style of living.

Photos courtesy of Architectural Resources Group.


  1. Why do you have two photos of the Ruth Ford house mixed in with the photos of the Struckus house?

    1. I wasn't aware, thanks for letting me know. They're gone now :)


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