Tiny Dwellings in the Meadow (Joseph/ Oregon)

Situated in a 2 acre meadow along the Wallowa River in eastern Oregon, Dan Price's hobbit houses are barely visible in the natural landscape.
The adventurer and author has been living in this meadow for 25 years now.
As an advocate for minimal living, Price believes tiny homes can make for a happier life, without the financial burden that can come with larger homes. Looking to downsize his life, he rented a plot of lush forest in 1990, and began building tiny homes on it. The first was a tipi, then came huts, sheds and now the underground room. The other yurt- type house is a propane powered sweatlodge.

He shares his experiences of living the simple life in adorably illustrated e-Books he has written to inspire others. Get them here:
Dan's website & e-Books

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