Floating House (Krasnosilka/ Ukraine)

This floating house is located 1 km from Krasnosilka, Odes'ka Oblast (Ukraine).

Thanks to a reader we now have more info about this place:

"This building is a part of a potato sorting station. That metal bottom
cones used for loading potatoes into trucks. Usually it looks like this.
It's a common construction in agricultural regions of Ukraine,
but this one looks like misplaced or partly dismantled."

First pic taken via google earth by Cyrill


  1. It looks like it should fall over

  2. They must have taken measures to redistribute the weight where it touches the ground: it does look like it should tip over.

  3. i just edited the description with more info. refresh :D

  4. The base and the foundation of the house is really strong and able to handle such weight like that.

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