Manish Arora's apartment (Paris/ France)

Fashion designer Manish Arora's apartment lies in the hip 10th Arrondissement of Paris. He combined traditional Parisian style with an exotic colour palette that, like the designer’s clothes, reflects his playful sense, rich imagination & use of crafts from India.
The kitchen and bathroom are separated by a wall of stained glass, letting the natural light flood through.

“In India, colors are very natural,” he said. “It is as natural as black for French people.”

“My design aesthetic is all about happiness. You can feel happiness when you enter. People smile when they enter my place and smile again when they leave.”

You'll also find 1960s-style furniture, graffiti by street artist Rude 3HC and various keepsakes collected on his travels, such as Russian dolls & Japanese Manga toys. He is fascinated by the order & predictability in Japan while India is the complete opposite.

Beachside Treehouse (Anna Maria Island/ Florida)

The owners of this magnificent beachside treehouse bought a property on Anna Maria Island in the early 90s. While watching sunsets from their house they always wondered what the view would be like from the big Australian pine tree between them and the beach so they built this treehouse to find out.
The 2 octagonal levels wrap around it like a nest becoming "a love hut without walls, a private spiritual escape up high in the whistling pine tree, a hideout with a gorgeous view of the white sand beach, multicolored sunsets, and starry moonlit nights."

Alice in Fantasy Land - Restaurant (Osaka/ Japan)

Alice in Wonderland is popular in Japan so Diamond Dining have created several cafe/ restaurants with variations of the theme.

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The Osaka version has an ‘Alice through the looking glass’ theme featuring a magnificent chandelier above an open space dining area as well as curtained private booths to retreat to.

Montreal Botanical Garden (Montreal/ Canada)

The Montreal Botanical Garden is considered to be one of the most important botanical gardens in the world due to the extent of its collections and facilities. The 190 acre big grounds are comprised of themed gardens and greenhouses featuring plants from all over the world.

In 2013 the gardens were holding the international Mosaicultures exhibition where competitors from around the world created giant living “sculptures” using plants as their medium. Each sculpture has a wood or wire framework filled with a growing medium through which a watering system was installed. Carefully selected plants were placed in the frames, grown over time and pruned to perfection.

The photos featured here were taken in summer 2013 and with the exhibition being over now I'm not sure how many (if any) of the sculptures would still be there, as it takes insane hours and around 80 gardeners to maintain them.

Caban Crwn (Machynlleth/ U.K.)

Caban Crwn (Crwn means round in Welsh) is a guest accommodation in Machynlleth, Wales. It has a kitchen & lounge area on the bottom and a ladder leads to the mezzanine bed. A hidden door even contains a compact compost loo and shower unit.
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