Alice in a Labyrinth - Restaurant (Tokyo/ Japan)

Here's Japan's "Alice in Wonderland" themed restaurant Restaurant #3 . (See also #1 "Alice in Magic Land" and #2 "Alice in an Old Castle")

"Alice in a Labyrinth" is located in Tokyo's Ginza district. Upon arrival you make your way down a hallway of book pages bearing the original Alice illustrations. The restaurant's interior features giant playing card tables, dining booths inside a big teacup and of course the waitresses sporting Alice gear.

Jin Mao Tower (Shanghai/ China)

The Jin Mao Tower is an 88-story landmark skyscraper in Shanghai containing offices and the Shanghai Grand Hyatt hotel.

Hôtel de Glace - Ice Hotel (Québec/ Canada)

America’s only ice hotel - the Hôtel de Glace - is a mere 10 mins from downtown Quebec. The hotel's 36 rooms & theme suites are all created from ice and snow. It also features an ice bar, a cafe, a wedding chapel and a giant ice slide.

Over a 6 week period the hotel gets erected every year with construction beginning in early December using snow blowers and metal molds which are later removed.
The thick snow walls keep the temperature inside between -3°C and -5°C and arctic sleeping bags are provided to keep you warm as you go to sleep. They resist temperatures as low as -30°C so you're sure gonna be toasty.

The Haunted Hotel at the Tequendama Falls (San Antonio del Tequendama/ Colombia)

The abandoned Hotel del Salto has stunning views overlooking the Tequendama Falls on the Bogotá River. It was built as a mansion in 1923 and later on used as a hotel for wealthy travellers but closed down in the 90s because contamination in the river made tourists scarce. The spot was used by people in the past to commit suicide which gives the place a haunted feel.
It lay abandoned until recently when the Institute of Natural Sciences of the National University of Colombia and the Ecological Farm Foundation of Porvenir renovated & converted the hotel into a museum.

V8 Hotel (Stuttgart/ Germany)

Stuttgart's V8 Hotel is the perfect place for car enthusiasts!
The 4-star hotel is located on a former airport site in the auto museum "Böblingen’s Meilenwerk". It features many car themed rooms in which you'll find legendary vintage cars, sporty young timers, as well as exclusive & special classic cars.
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