About this blog


I started this blog in February 2007 over on Livejournal under the name "Awesome_Places" and have recently improved and moved it to blogspot to make finding places easier.

It's a collection of the weirdest & wonderfulest places built by people with a colourful imagination all around the world.
Most places you find here are accessable to the public, but some are private (but still too awesome not to share) or don't exist anymore because they've been torn down in favour of building supermarkets etc...

I sorted everything by geographical continents, so even though you might associate countries like Costa Rica with South America, it will be found on the North American continent page. Same for Turkey which for the most part belongs to Asia.

I try to link to the sources of most pictures posted here (or to the original poster back from awesome_places on livejournal) but I can't track all photos back. If you're the owner of a picture and would like to be linked or want me to remove it please contact me at: theirea@gmail.com

Thanks and enjoy!
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