Chittorgarh Fort (India)

Chittorgarh Fort is the largest fort in India and the grandest in the state of Rajasthan. The fort, plainly known as Chittor, sprawls majestically over a hill above the plains of the valley drained by the Berach River. The fort precinct with an evocative history is studded with a series of historical palaces, gates, temples and two prominent commemoration towers. These monumental ruins have inspired the imagination of tourists and writers for centuries.

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  2. Gorgeous photographs... Chittorgarh fort is a massive complex... so many incredible buildings inside...


  3. I saw a picture of this place years ago and fell in love but had no way of finding out it's location/name. Thanks for ending my treasure hunt! ^-^

  4. Great pictures with all the right angles. We visited the fort last month and here is an article of our trip - Delving into History : The Fort City - Chittorgarh


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