Apocalypse Chapel (Klagenfurt/ Austria)

Approximately 160 square meters of oil painting greet the viewer here, beautiful views into the world of the unconscious and archetypal, the sublime heights and depths of our world.
Ernst Fuchs has slowly developed a world of incredible and powerful imagery upon its walls, depicting John’s Book of Revelation.

“How long I’ve been working on it? I think now it is 22 years.” says Fuchs. “It is my masterpiece.” Fuchs says of the chapel mural and the “Last Supper” also hanging there, “I had resigned myself to the thought that I would complete them both that so too my life would come to an end; or rather a new life would begin. There is no death. … An end is always the beginning of something entirely new.”

Master and apprentice.

The artist Ernst Fuchs himself.

Details of the murals:

Artist's website: Link


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