The Crooked Forest (near Gryfino/ Poland)

Located in north west Poland is a pine forest that looks like it came right out of a Hans Christian Andersen story. Around 400 trees in the forest have been formed with a 90° horizontal bend in its trunk before rising vertically again. The trees were planted around 1930 and probably shaped by human hands (possibly by carpenters wanting to use the wood for furniture making).


  1. you are an idiot if you think carpenters grow crooked trees. ever hear of steam bending? how did boats get built? they sure as hell didn't grow crooked trees

  2. No, in point of fact YOU are the idiot here, since apparently you lack the sense to check your facts before you start hurling ignorant insults. Try Wikipedia, Tree Shaping.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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