Otto Wagner / Ernst Fuchs Villa (Vienna/ Austria)

In 1888, Otto Wagner, the famous Jugendstil architect, designed and built the villa for himself and his family. It was here that the Viennese high society of the time feted numerous legendary summer balls and parties. Legends like Adolf Loos, Gustav Mahler, Alma Mahler-Werfel, Gustav Klimt and Wagner student Josef Hoffmann would go in and out on a regular basis.
After World War II, the house fell into oblivion and was gonna be torn down until in 1972 the Austrian painter Ernst Fuchs bought it, renovated it and made it his live-in studio. Today the Villa houses the private collection of Ernst Fuchs' works and is open to the public.

Around the villa there's a mosaic covered pavilion (the "Nymphäum Omega") & garden:

Photos are by me.
Visit the museum's website: Link

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