The Cement Menagerie (Branxton/ U.K.)

The Cement Menagerie in Northumberland is a garden filled with sculptures of animals of all sizes and types as well as human figures, along with many short poems and inscriptions, but above all, memories. It was founded by a retired local master joiner, 'Old John' Fairnington Snr in the garden of his house to amuse his handicapped son, Edwin. The models were based on life-size drawings and sculpted in galvanised wire netting, stuffed with paper, then cemented over and painted.
The garden is still open daily from Easter to the end of October and free of charge, although donations are essential for its upkeep.

If you'd like to visit Branxton, it is just off the A697 between Cornhill-on-Tweed and Milfield. Branxton is signposted at the Blue Bell Inn; you will see the statues in front of the house.

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  1. Is this place still going? We visited it years ago when my daughters were wee, and spent ages marvelling at the many and varied sculptures. I still have photos somewhere. Great fun!


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