Manish Arora's apartment (Paris/ France)

Fashion designer Manish Arora's apartment lies in the hip 10th Arrondissement of Paris. He combined traditional Parisian style with an exotic colour palette that, like the designer’s clothes, reflects his playful sense, rich imagination & use of crafts from India.
The kitchen and bathroom are separated by a wall of stained glass, letting the natural light flood through.

“In India, colors are very natural,” he said. “It is as natural as black for French people.”

“My design aesthetic is all about happiness. You can feel happiness when you enter. People smile when they enter my place and smile again when they leave.”

You'll also find 1960s-style furniture, graffiti by street artist Rude 3HC and various keepsakes collected on his travels, such as Russian dolls & Japanese Manga toys. He is fascinated by the order & predictability in Japan while India is the complete opposite.

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