Vertical Garden Townhouse (Tokyo/ Japan)

This five-storey townhouse by Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa is a surprising green oasis in the heart of Tokyo. Built on a narrow lot (only 4m wide!) in a dense commercial district, it is a home & workplace for two writers. To avoid narrowing the interior spaces even further, glass walls were preferred to actual walls. Curtains, benches, and planters separate rooms and amenities.

"The entirety is a wall-less transparent building designed to provide an environment with maximum sunlight despite the dark site conditions," added the architect. "Every room, whether it is the living room, private room or the bathroom, has a garden of its own so that the residents may go outside to feel the breeze, read a book or cool off in the evening and enjoy an open environment in their daily life."

Spiral stairs pass through circular openings in the concrete floor plates. A similar opening in the roof allows taller plants to stretch through to the upper terrace.



  1. Well, I really loved these vertical garden and I would say it's definitely a result of a great imagination and creativity that makes it possible.Also, this vertical garden design is totally different what I have seen on other blogs that's why also I have attracted towards it a little more.

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