La Maison Cassee Vaisselle (Louviers/ France)

Robert Vasseur's La Maison Cassee Vaisselle or "House of broken Crockery" is a very interesting tourist attraction in the town of Louviers, France. Robert's passion for Mosaic ornaments began in 1952, when he first got the idea of making repairs in his kitchen. Then he decorated the old kitchen sink with mosaics from broken pieces of old crockery, gluing it with cement.
From then on he and his wife painstakingly decorated the entire house with mosaics of broken crockery, shells, iridescent glass and porcelain.

Here it is on google street view:

Address: 80 Rue du Bal ChampĂȘtre, 27400 Louviers, France

Also have a look at the very similar "La Maison Picassiette".

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  1. do you have any directions to this place? hopefully by foot/public transport?:)


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