Chicken Church "Gereja Ayam" (Magelang, Java/ Indonesia)

This building in the jungle of central Java is known as 'Gereja Ayam' - or Chicken Church, however according to its creator - Daniel Alamsjah, 67 - it's supposed to be the shape of a dove. He built the structure in 1990 after he had a vision from God to build a 'prayer house' atop a hill. It shut its doors in 2000 because the construction costs were too high, but that doesn't stop hundreds of curious travelers and worshipers from many different religions to travel to Indonesia to see it every year.
Visitors need to take caution once they are inside because the abandoned building is very unstable. The local villages that helped Alamsjah build the Chicken Church now benefit from the increased tourism it has created by charging for parking nearby etc.


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