Mysterious Porch Mannequins (New Hamburg/ New York)

A porch near the New Hamburg train station in New York is occupied by strange mannequins dressed in 20ies fashion. Their number, position, and theme, vary from day to day. A number of quirky (creepy) objects accompany the dolls on the porch.

"Neighbours don’t seem to know anything about the current owners of the house, built in 1845. The Greek Revival wood frame structure is one of the only surviving structures on the block from an 1877 fire. At night, a kitchen light can be seen through the drape covering the front door. A vegetable garden is kept in the backyard. On many rainy days, the dolls disappear into the quarters of the paint-pealed home. In 1871, a train wreck occurred amidst a two-week record-breaking cold wave in which 22 people were killed less than two hundred feet away from the house."

Via messynessychic

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  1. Well, I suppose someone could go against modern habit and go up and knock on the door....


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