Capricho de Cotrina (Los Santos de Maimona/ Spain)

Francisco González Grajera - a retired bricklayer - started sketching and building Capricho de Cotrina 30 years ago. It somewhat resembles the works of Antoni Gaudi but Mr. Grajera says he's never heard of him during the entire time he was creating the place, but afterwards visited some of his buildings in Barcelona and liked the look of them.
His creation is the result of his imagination influenced by the wish of his young daughter, who wanted a house completely different from the others such as a palace or castle fit for a princess.

The building is constructed of limestone masonry, cement mortar and brick, being covered by a mosaic of colourful tiles & broken plates. Curves and round shapes are preferred to straight lines.
Meanwhile the place has become well known, through articles in Spanish journals and broadcasts on TV. Visitors are welcome!

Location on google street view:

Photos are screenshots from this video tour: Link

Website: Link

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