Eliphante (Cornville/ Arizona)

Eliphante was created in the late 1970’s by Michael Kahn and Leda Levant.
Being an artist, Michael immediately began invoking some of his painting aesthetics into a third dimension, transforming natural features such as stone and river wood into surreal, fluid, cavern-like structures coated in high-vibrational colors.

For 28 years, Michael built these structures with the help of his wife and friends. His work seems more shamanic than artistic as his methodology defied convention. Michael never explained his creation, it just is. The most significant of his sculptural work is the half subterranean structures of Eliphante the first experimental building, Pipedreams, the art gallery, and Hippodome, where the couple lived.

Since Michael passed on in 2007, it is the mission of Eliphante, Ltd. a non-profit organization, that his fantasy be shared, to inspire a new beginning, where the realm of pure imagination and possibility may open the door to future dreaming by visitors and residents alike.


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