Eliphante (Cornville/ Arizona)

"Eliphante, named after the accidental elephantine shape of the entrance tunnel, is both an art form as well as Michael Kahn and Leda Livant's home. Sprawling over three acres, their undulating, fantastical structures house themselves and their art. A visit there means letting yourself play, taking in the forms, patterns, colors and textures with all your senses.
You'll be in awe at what you see, an underground labyrinth inlaid with intricate wood, tile, and stone mosaics. Walls and ceilings are draped with fabrics, collages, and Mylar weavings. Light streams in from secret sources. There's not a straight line in sight; everything flows, rounds, and curves. Michael's paintings hang throughout. Whatever the forces driving Leda and Michael, the end result is a truly unique, utterly extraordinary eccentric environment."


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