Redmond Treehouse (Redmond/ Washington)

Steve Rondel's children grew up before he could finish this exeptional treehouse. He started it 20 years ago when his oldest son was 5. Now he is looking for grandchildren to give him an excuse to push on.

From the book "Treehouses of the World"


  1. Wonderful place, you'd expect Peter Pan and the Lost Boys to live there :)

  2. wow, amazing! I want to live there!

  3. I've never seen a building look so higgledy-piggledy yet so strong and safe at the same time. Pure magic!

  4. The photos of the inside are gorgeous! Well done!

  5. omg i so wanna live there anyone have a tree i can live on.

  6. I saw this today by pure chance... Parked my car over to answer a phone call and saw it through the trees. I couldn't believe it. This treehouse is unbelievable. I am taking my kids there this week-end to see it :)

  7. Jomrs where is it?? I live in Redmond and really want to see it in person!

  8. Can someone please share the coordinates to this place? I live in Redmond and I want to go there

  9. You can access it through trails in the undeveloped woods behind Grasslawn Park's farthest back baseball diamond.

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