Katwise's Rainbow House (Cottekill/ New York)

This psychedelic work of colour is the home of Katwise (Kat O'Sullivan). Her and her partner were two struggling creatives living in Brooklyn when they decided to leave the city and buy a run down house on 16 acres of forest land in Cottekill. $1000 worth of paint later they transformed the house into the mind blowing rainbow Candyland that it is today.

Before & After

Visit Katwise's website for more info, photos, art & colourful sweaters: Link


  1. Oh wow....just A M A Z I N G!!!!!! You have brightened up a very dull and dismal rainy day here in Nelson, New Zealand! We have just "wowed" our way through all the photos.....thanks for brightening our day. Helen & family xx

  2. but I don't like the black and white patterns in the floor tiles...they're too much and clash terribly with the rest of the rainbow getup...

  3. This house is not in Brooklyn, NY. It is in Ulster County upstate New York. We do have houses here in Brooklyn, but not on 16 acres with a pond. To find out more info on the house:

  4. Even their van is painted in every colour of the rainbow :D really inspiring work, considering the house looked very ordinary when they first bought it.


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