Alice in an Old Castle - Restaurant (Tokyo/ Japan)

Alice in Wonderland is popular in Japan so Diamond Dining have created several cafe/ restaurants with variations of the theme.

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At "Alice in an Old Castle" the lavish decor suggests dining in an fantasy castle. Host a party and dine on a festive long table or in a private booth seamed with velvety curtains. You can also be seated inside the mermaid cave or inside a giant queen chandelier draped with crystal beads - the choice is yours!

Building 3 B1 171-0022
Tokyo Toshima-ku,
2-16-8 Minami-Ikebukuro Fujikyu building east

Here's their website: Link
Photos are from their fb page

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  1. We went to the Alice Restaurant in Ginza and it was a great experience, we had no problem with our reservation or whatsoever, which is great since it's almost impossible to make a reservation for any of the diamond dinning restaurants without a Japanese phone number! Good luck from


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