Museum of Modern Renaissance (Somerville/ Massachusetts)

The psychedelic art covering the walls (and pretty much everything else) of this former masonic lodge is the ever evolving artwork of Russian artists Nicholas Shaplyko & Ekaterina Sorokina, who had always dreamed of creating their own museum.
Built in 1909 as the Second Unitarian Church of Somerville, it was taken over by the Freemasons in 1963 and became a Masonic Lodge.

The 2 artists were offered a chance to transform the building in 2002 and since then they've worked hard to create this masterpiece that they call their Museum of Modern Renaissance.
Today the space is used to host events such as yoga classes and concerts, even attracting opera stars to perform here because of the great hall’s amazing acoustics.

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  1. It must be a TARDIS; the interior pictures make it look much to large to fit into that exterior! It's magnificent.


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