Cano's Castle (Antonito/ Colorado)

The shiny towers of Cano's Castle stand out amidst an otherwise unremarkable neighborhood. It is decorated with scrap metal such as cut-apart & inside out beer cans, wire, hubcaps, grills, screen doors and other junk like bicycle reflectors for colour.
It is the ongoing creation of Cano - originally called Dominic Espinosa, who started it in the 80s. When asked about the creation he responds: "God built it". There are reports that Cano invented his name because of all of the beer cans, but he said it's pronounced CAH-no and that it's "an Indian name, like, 'reborn.'"

Despite the roomy castle he actually lives in a trailer across the street and Jesus can have the castle to himself. Cano lives off of the land, with a well-tended garden and a pen of goats, geese, and sheep. He enjoys it when visitors stop by to see his creation. If you would like to see Cano's Castle, it's located at East 10th Avenue and State Street in Antonito.

Here's a video that visitors took while he explains a few things about the castle:

Photos by Kelly Ludwig, see more in her flickr album.

More info about Cano and the castle on

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