10-storey slide in City Museum (St. Louis/ Missouri)

St. Louis City Museum consists largely of repurposed architectural and industrial objects.
One of the most popular attractions are the Enchanted Caves and Shoe Shafts that run through the center of the Museum, all the way to the 10th floor.
In the Enchanted Caves, guests will find an elaborate cave system hand-sculpted by Bob Cassilly and his crew. From every direction, a different creature is staring back.

The Shoe Shafts were left over from when the building was the International Shoe distribution building. To get the shoes from floor to floor, staff would place the shoes on the spiral shafts that would lead down to the loading dock. When the caves originally opened up in 2003, there was only one spiral shoe slide that was three stories tall, but in 2008 a second one was opened, that starts at the roof and goes down to the caves' entrance.

City Museum Site: Link

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